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April 23, 2021  

Episode 31 Cards and Stars: tarot and astrology

This episode was recorded while Melissa was dealing with her health. Hilary and Jaymi reached into the listener bag and grabbed another topic from one of our seven listeners. They wanted us to know how we use tarot and astrology together. For the most part Hilary and Jaymi experiment and play with astrology while reading the cards. 

There is so much out there and you can find a lot more people and books than we have time to cover.

Hilary’s Tarot Raps on Tarot and Astrology: 

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3: 

Sally Phillips from listing: 

Natal Chart Sites and Apps

Time Passages Pro for iOS ($30)

Books and Decks

Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

Moonology Deck by Yasmine Boland

Tarot and Astrology by Corrine Kenner

Astrology for Real Life by Theresa Reed is a fantastic beginner’s book

Queer Cosmos by Colin Bedell for queer astrology knowledge

You Were Born for This by Chani Nicholas

36 Decans by T. Susan Chang (in-depth info on the astrological correspondence of the minors)

Tarot Coupling: Resources & Resolutions for Relationship Readings by Gina G. Thies for relationship readings


Follow These Astrologers

Theresa Reed

Amelia Quint

Tarot for Writers list by Jeanna Kadlec 

The People's Oracle Dayna Lynn Nuckolls (@PeoplesOracle on Twitter)

Homework: Look at your sun, moon, and rising (or any other three astrological elements you want to compare) and pull out the corresponding cards and see what you think. Do you agree with the info, or not, and what do you think of it all?

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April 9, 2021  

Episode 30: Tarot By the Numbers

This episode was recorded in December 2020 when Melissa had a birthday. Strap in everyone, we get nerdy this week. Listener Chuck K reminded us to talk about the birth card stuff that Hilary and Jaymi use in their readings. So, we did, and Melissa got to be the primary test case. She was kicking and huffing as we gladly analyzed her from this tarot by the numbers perspective. 

How do you calculate birth cards? Well, it’s easier than you think. Add the numbers together. Keep adding until the number is between 1 and 22 (this is your Personality Number). You may then add the digits of that sum to find your Soul Number.

[birth month, birth day, birth year]

____ + ____ + ____ + ____ = ____ [birth number]

“Since we are looking for twenty-two possible results for a Personality Card, then a method of adding dates that maximizes these results will serve us best. That is why [Mary K. Greer] recommends[s] the addition method.”

Who Are You in the Tarot?, p. 36

If you get a single-digit or a sum greater than 22:

Since there are only 22 cards in the Major Arcana, reduce the number to 22 or less (to result in a single-digit).

In cases like these, it results in the same Personality and Soul Card (in Melissa’s case, she is a Single 9 Hermit; in Hilary’s case, she is a Single 4 Emperor; and Jaymi reduces her 21 World card to a 3 Empress).

If you get 19, you have three cards: The Sun/The Magician/The Wheel of Fortune (MLK is a 19, for example)

If you get 22, Emperor/Fool: combine great impulsiveness and mastery/22 is a master number in Numerology

The constellations of the tarot run through the Magician to the Hermit card. For example, if you get a 16, you’re not the Tower alone! You’re in the constellation of the Chariot (Mastery through Change 16/7) because 16 reduces by addition to 7 (1+6=7). 

Homework: Test out the Birth Card systems and see what they have to say for you.


Tarot for Your Self, 35th-anniversary edition by Mary K Greer

Who Are You in the Tarot?: Discover Your Birth and Year Cards and Uncover Your Destiny by Mary K Greer

The Tarot School’s Birth Card Calculator

Want to go deeper? Take the Amberstone’s Birth Card course

Donate to St Louis Metro Trans and make Melissa happy 

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March 26, 2021  

Episode 29: You First, Don’t Read When You’re Not at Your Best

Help Melissa out! Share or donate what you can. Visit the Go Fund Me here:

Thinking about doing readings while you’re not at your best? Spoiler alert: it’s not a good idea. Hilary and Jaymi talk about their stories and practices for reading while ill. Put your mask on first before you help someone else. Understand your capacity, manage expectations, and hold integrity for you and the others you are reading for.

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March 12, 2021  

Episode 28: The Hermit, A Box We Can’t Check

This one’s for you Stewart Kaplan. Thank you for shining your light on tarot and the Rider Waite Smith deck on our community and coming off the mountain to do so. We are all in your debt.

The Hermit is not the single, lone wizard everyone makes him out to be. He is a trailblazer, the visionary, and always comes back to share their thoughts to the masses. He is the one who knows themselves so well that they can handle the challenges life throws at them. “As close to the sacred as we can get, but not really.” There is a hint of self-care, and self-love, and knowledge and awareness with this card. How can you work and deal with others if you cannot be comfortable with yourself first? 

Homework: Understand your love language. Find the light that pulls you forward and keep working with it. Melissa wants you to read Tom Robbins Tibetan Peach Pie.  

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February 26, 2021  

Episode 27: Strength, the Annoying Gym Teacher

It’s been a while since we’ve shared our thoughts on a card. So, in this episode, we’re chatting about Strength. We’re not asking you to buck-up and keep on moving. Instead, we see this card asking you to lean into the title where you find trust, faith, and hope. There is the capacity to help others and heal ourselves in this card. It’s a personal choice on what Strength means to each of us. We also share our favorite cards from several decks.

Note: Sometimes, a tarot deck switches Strength and Justice in their majors' story. So if you are using a deck with Strength as number 11, the information here still applies.

Homework: Figure out what strength looks like to you. Where does it show up in your life?

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February 12, 2021  

Episode 26: Length Matters, How Long Should a Reading Take?

We reached into the listener handbag and pulled this question from Jones Davy on Twitter. They asked us, “Does how long you spend on a reading depend on your mood, the question, or something else?” So happy to oblige. 

Listen in and see how each cardslinger handles the container for their professional, event, and personal readings. Know your limitations for various situations and understand how you work with others. Thank you so much for asking this.

Homework: Figure out how long it takes you to do a reading.

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January 22, 2021  

Episode 25: Into the Mystic (Part 2)

In part two of the mystical exploration, we go back to early divination when games and old-time knowledge were commonplace tools. Folklore, magic, and divination go hand in hand and can teach us so many skills. We cover grade school games of cootie-catchers and M.A.S.H, spirit boards, pendulums, and runes. This episode shows you that nothing is sacred and everything can become a divination tool if you have the desire for it.

Hilary recommends you go to Pandora Witch for spirit boards:

Jaymi found a free cootie-catcher download, so you make your own:

Melissa wants you to know if you have depression, you can find help! Call 1-800-273-8255 and talk to a friendly voice.

Homework: Test drive a playful divination tool, and let us know what you’ve done! Leave a comment on our site or in our inbox.

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January 8, 2021  

Episode 24: Come Sit At Our Tarot Table

Welcome to 2021, everyone! One of our seven listeners asked us: 

“Is there room in the "cardslingers posse" for someone who loves the cards but doesn't want to read professionally (or for other people, period)? I love everything about cards - tarot or oracle - but have no desire to read as a business. However, I'd like to meet and mingle with others who take the cards as seriously as I do. Would I be welcome as a non-reader in the online community or at conferences if I don't have the same end-goal as professional readers?”

Yes, listeners, we welcome you to our posse. Everyone is free to gather at the tarot table. No matter what your interest level in cartomancy is. We round out this episode by discussing our reasons for gathering, stories about what goes on in conferences, and give tips for convention survival.

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December 25, 2020  

Episode 23: Fire That Freaker

Happy Holidays, listeners! For the end of our first year’s episodes, we go through and teach you how to fire clients. There is NO such thing as a tarot emergency. Set up your business to succeed by doing things like pre-screen. Craft a good ethics page, so your clients know exactly what is expected of them, and you, while you read.

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December 11, 2020  

Episode 22: The Chariot: Getting It Done

Melissa, Hilary, and Jaymi continue their thoughts on the cards by talking about The Chariot. It takes imagination, drive, and flare to chase your dreams. Listen as they discuss and compare meanings and share favorite deck images from four decks.

We also highly recommend you buy The Tarot Coloring Book by Theresa Reed. You learn so much about the cards when you color in all the details. Find it at your local metaphysical, or bookstore through IndieBound.

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