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October 8, 2021  

Episode 42: Spooky Scary Horror Cards

October 8, 2021

Hilary and Jaymi welcome guest host Onareo for a spooky trip through tarot’s scary horror cards. Chris is a mystic from the East Coast, and his Instagram feed is fun and informative. He’s also one of the instructors for this year’s Kitchen Table Gathering.

As an added bonus, this week’s episode is brought to you by one of our 13 listeners. Lucky number 13 asked, “Which cards for you are the cards you never want to see in a reading for yourself and especially, if different, what cards do you find difficult to read for a client. And how do you overcome that situation, what methods do you use?” Thanks for this excellent question! Hope you don’t get too scared of our responses! *cue maniacal laughter here*

You can still sign up for the Kitchen Table Gathering happening November 6-7, 2021. It’s virtual! Come learn from Onareo, V from Redlight Readings, Potter, and our very own Melissa. Hilary and Jaymi will also be in attendance. It’s a fun and fantastic time!


Resources Mentioned:

Mary K Greer’s Archetypal Tarot and Who Are You in the Tarot?

Theresa Reed’s new deck Tarot for Kids (which is fantastic for readers of ALL ages)


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