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August 11, 2022  

Episode 61 WTC Series: Apprentice Formula

August 11, 2022

We’re back with another episode of the What to Charge series. Today we dip one step above a Student level to Apprentice (aka “knight”). You took your skills and knowledge as a Student and have started putting it into practice. This is where you do it all events, online, friends,and family; and to make the mistakes that help you develop your business acumen. Charge for situation versus time. 

As we keep saying, be transparent about whether or not you need the book for readings. Being honest is what sets us apart from the scammers (more on this in a future episode #66). Have integrity. Don’t be something you aren’t.

At this level, we recommend $40 - $50 (depending on your location and “off-book”ness). At this time, we suggest you test whether or not you want to do psychic fairs by going and doing fairs while charging $25. This is the time to read everything our mentor and friend, Theresa Reed, posted about reading and business building. She’s got a lot of good stuff to share.

Next time we’ll kick it up a notch and share our thoughts on being a tarot Journeyman. Until then, have fun, get comfortable charging, and make great mistakes. We love and see you and support your journey.


We also love and adore Jamie Sawyer’s decks and work for the Intermediate practitioners. Especially her Pocket of Peers and the forthcoming Out of Hands Tarot decks

For reading at fairs or other pricing info, grab Jenna Matlin’s Have Tarot, Will Travel and Have Tarot, Will Party

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