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November 26, 2021  

Episode 45: Sign Them Up

November 26, 2021

Pre-recording chatter can lead to a great podcast. In this case, Jaymi asks Melissa and Hilary about how they do their newsletters. Not wanting to waste the airtime, we jumped in and turned it into a podcast. See how awesome we are? 

We share tips on getting started on yours. Keep a file on newsletters outside of the tarot world and be engaged with who you connect with. Don’t fear your writing style, it takes some time to cultivate. Speak to your friends in the message, know they want to hear from you.

Becky Skoobish from recommends:

  1. Be consistent (time and date)
  2. Use a cohesive theme for the month
  3. Drive people to your website cos that’s where the work happens

Great Newsletter Resources

Melissa and Hilary use

Jaymi uses

Book to get Newsletter Ninja

Homework: Do you have space and time for the newsletter? Answer this and then figure out your themes of the year.\

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