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January 10, 2020  


January 10, 2020

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I love listening to Cardslingers because it's equal parts tarot lesson, therapy session, and sitting down to sort out life and laugh with friends. - G.

I just listened to your podcast with your friends and I love it. I was barely halfway through the episode before I was pausing to recommend to another friend. Thank you for whatever you and your friends did — research, scheduling, anxiety worked-through, sleep missed, or naps taken — to put it together. It is engaging, funny, informative, and, honestly, just feels like coffee with friends. Both cozy and a huge soul-balm. - S.

Just subscribed to Cardslingers. Woop! - R.

I fucking LOVE you guys. I love your authenticity, your radness, and of course your tarot knowledge and input. - C.