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January 8, 2021  

Episode 24: Come Sit At Our Tarot Table

January 8, 2021

Welcome to 2021, everyone! One of our seven listeners asked us: 

“Is there room in the "cardslingers posse" for someone who loves the cards but doesn't want to read professionally (or for other people, period)? I love everything about cards - tarot or oracle - but have no desire to read as a business. However, I'd like to meet and mingle with others who take the cards as seriously as I do. Would I be welcome as a non-reader in the online community or at conferences if I don't have the same end-goal as professional readers?”

Yes, listeners, we welcome you to our posse. Everyone is free to gather at the tarot table. No matter what your interest level in cartomancy is. We round out this episode by discussing our reasons for gathering, stories about what goes on in conferences, and give tips for convention survival.

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