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August 24, 2022  

Blog Post: Social Media Updates and Awareness

August 24, 2022
Hey everyone, Jaymi here. We've been recording a lot of good stuff for you, and we're excited to share them over the rest of this year. Heck, we're planning 2023 already! A new episode drops this week.

I wanted to take this time to remind everyone that Melissa, Hilary, and I WILL NEVER solicit you for readings or payments from any private messaging service or DM. There's a What's App account using our logo. Shame on them (but hey, we guess we've made it to the big leagues?). None of us use What's App. Ugh.

We only engage in person and via our personal emails. If you have questions for cardslingers episodes or the three of us, you can contact us at Anything else is not us and should be reported as fake or fraud.

Speaking of social media accounts, Hilary has set us up an account on Instagram. You can find us @cardslingerscc there, as well.