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May 14, 2021  

Episode 32: Rumor Has It

May 14, 2021

Melissa thanks you all for the outpouring of support with her Go Fund Me account over the past weeks. Hilary and Jaymi also thank you for listening in. We think you’re all great!

Today we’re taking on a bunch of tarot myths and rumors which have been passed around for YEARS. Many of the rumors and so-called “rules” are gatekeeping techniques that bar the curious and new seekers. Here’s a rundown of the rumors and rules we have.

  • You cannot buy your first deck
  • Tarot is a closed, or Romany, practice
  • Wrap it in black silk
  • Sleep with it under your pillow
  • If you damage your deck you’re cursed
  • If you lose, or damage, a card, you can’t use the deck
  • Tarot is precious and you must treat it as a divine object
  • Don’t let others touch your deck (consent is sexy!)
  • You have to read reversals/Can’t read for yourself
  • The fate revealed in the tarot is unavoidable

Beware of these rumors and “rules” and the readers who use them to take away your personal will. 

Yes, Melissa is STILL pissed about the loss of her first Shadowscapes Tarot deck. And do NOT touch her cards without asking her. She will not be polite.

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