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May 28, 2021  

Episode 33: CSI Tarot, Stalker and Jumper Cards

May 28, 2021

Sometimes tarot does funky things. Today we’re going to talk about two of those strange phenomena that happen a lot. Get ready for an episode of CSI, Tarot edition where we discuss stalker and jumper cards.

Stalker cards happen when the same card gets pulled over and over again. It can be drawn in succession, or others can pull it while they’re reading for you. What are they? Why do they follow us around? How can we get them to go away? Identify what situation is going on for you. Examine the card and its meaning, and then do the work it is asking you to do. Once you figure it all out and do the work, it’ll go away.

Jumper cards happen when you shuffle a deck. This card (or cards) pops out from the deck and can be examined in several ways. Melissa goes all CSI: Tarot on it, Jaymi views the jumper as an extra message saved for later, and Hilary reads it immediately because it is important.

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