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June 11, 2021  

Episode 34: Wheel of Fortune, A Constant Evolution

June 11, 2021

We have a guest host this week, Hilary and Jaymi welcome V from Red Light Readings ( to the show. She’ll be one of the instructors for this year’s Kitchen Table Gathering happening in person this fall in St Louis. “Let go or be dragged,” as we get deep in with the Wheel of Fortune. 

Save the date! November 6-7, 2021. The 3rd Kitchen Table Gathering in St. Louis, MO is coming. Join the Cardslingers and V for two days of learning, laughter, and in-person shenanigans. Registration and the unveiling of the other instructors coming soon.

Decks mentioned:

V: The Housewives Tarot by Jude Buffun and Paul Kepple

Hilary: Mary El Tarot by Marie White

Jaymi: Fantasy World Tarot by Vera Petruk, sold by Make Playing Cards (black and white, color, and plastic color editions available). Apparently, the Spirit Halloween Store-bought the images to print their own version, go figure.

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