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July 9, 2021  

Episode 36: The Dirty Thirty-Six

July 9, 2021

V, Hilary, and Jaymi take a divinatory tool detour into Lenormand. We get down and messy with the dirty 36 card deck that gets to the meat of the reading. We talk about the cards, how to read using them, share some stories, and give some cool tips to go deeper.

Get started with Lenormand with these links of readers, creators, and instructors we love:

V from Red Light Reading

Melissa Hill of the Sassy Sibyl

Kendra Hurteau deck designer and author of Under the Roses Lenormand and the Lenormand: Step by Step book

Rana George

Jamie Sawyer

Black and the Moon pre-order their Memento Mori Lenormand Deck

Emily Rose

Maree Bento

Carrie Paris

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