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October 22, 2021  

Episode 43: Event Season Cometh

October 22, 2021

Editor’s note: this episode was recorded on Jaymi's birthday in August. Some shenanigans took place…

The holidays are coming up! This means lots of people want to hire readers for their parties. Listen in as we help you go from horror story event pain to living your best event plans. Be aware and understand your needs as you learn the ropes of reading at parties. We’re going deep into some event self-care tips.

Do these things during event season:

  • Raise your event prices from Halloween through New Year’s Day.
  • Don’t be near a sound speaker (at all). Where you sit DOES matter.
  • Manage your health. Know who you can get for your backup support.
  • Get a headcount to read for everyone (or offer certificates to those who didn’t get a reading).
  • Clearly express your needs to the client.
  • Take breaks, get help from bartenders, or other helpers.
  • Have an event-aftercare routine.

Bring an event go-bag! Things to include (besides decks) are table dressings/crystals, battery-operated candles, tissues, face wipes, hand sanitizer, energy clearing spray, tissues, throat lozenges, water, business cards (and holder), timers (sand or meditation), payment readers.

You can still sign up for the Kitchen Table Gathering happening November 6-7, 2021. It’s virtual and you’ll be able to learn from Onareo, Potter, V from Redlight Readings, and our very own Melissa. Hilary and Jaymi will also be in attendance. It’s a fun and fantastic time!

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