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November 12, 2021  

Episode 44:Post-reading Aftercare for Readers

November 12, 2021

Event season is now upon us and knowing how to care for yourself after you do readings is extremely important. Hilary, Onareo, and Jaymi talk about what they do after their readings (both for events or in general). Grounding and disconnecting is the name of the game when it comes to post-reading aftercare. Time to let go of the readings, forget them, and enter back into your own world.

  • Take a simple bath or shower. Turn it into a ritual by adding Epsom salts (magical properties) or baking soda (good for detox). If it’s too late in the evening, then at least wash your hands and face.
  • Wear or keep stones nearby: black tourmaline, selenite wands (good to clear your decks and body). Tiger’s iron helps Jaymi while Onareo uses tiger’s eye. Hilary keeps her mala beads on while reading and she takes off when she’s done.
  • Putting a pinch of salt under your tongue keeps you grounded in-between readings.
  • Scented sprays: Hilary uses color energy aura spray, Jaymi uses 7 Brooms, and a palo santo spray. Onareo uses bergamot (a citrus that helps in getting your power back) on his hands or in his bath. Florida Water is another good cleansing spray.
  • Sleep: Reading is hard work on your body. Let your body get as much rest as it needs to reset itself.
  • Eat something: It doesn’t need to be the fast-food junk that Jaymi gets but eating something after reading does help to break the energy you have.

Onareo’s Post-Reading Aftercare Ritual

Take the four aces from the minors and shuffle them as you ask, “what should my after-reading ritual be?” Then pick one of the aces and think of all the ways that the elemental energy and do one. Some examples might include

  • Swords (air) = do something mental; read, use feathers.
  • Cups (water) = drink water, have a bath, use sprays.
  • Wands (fire) = burn incense, cleanse with smoke, rub a taper candle over your body and then light it to release that energy.
  • Pentacles (earth) = do something physical; walk, play with crystals, do mudras or yoga.

Extra Resources:

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Herbs, oils, and stones can be found everywhere, make sure what you purchase is ethically sourced.

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