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February 25, 2022  

Episode 50: The Cardslingers Weigh in on Significators

February 25, 2022

Tarot is a language of symbols and we are found in every card. In this second episode Hilary, Jaymi, and Melissa share their thoughts and stories about significators. Fear of screwing things up and being wrong is what keeps beginners from playing with ideas and owning them as their own methods. Try it and use it if you like it. 

Hilary didn’t use them when starting out. She doesn’t use them now. However, she can and does use cards chosen with intent as the client and reading needs. She will pick a card based on personality traits rather than the image.

Jaymi didn’t start out with it because it’s too much to memorize and remember. She does intentional draws with cards for herself and with clients for homework purposes. But as far as what significators were meant in the past, no she doesn’t use an older system.

Melissa thinks significators are stupid. She learned from Eden Gray, and back then, genderized cards were more important back then. Because of that, she would pull the cards. As she grew in her style and reading practice she grew away from the practice.

We also think significators and how they were used in the past brings up how we can pick apart the tarot so white issues. The world is more diverse than what the cards wanted to display on the cards. 

Thanks again to Chuck K. and Karin S. for giving us something to dive deeper into.

Decks mentioned

Pocket of Peers by Jamie Sawyer

The 90s Tarot by Kristi Prokopiak

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