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April 8, 2022  

Episode 53: To Spread or Not To Spread

April 8, 2022

Our episode this week is inspired by listener Lindsey O. who said, “Hi there. I am brand new to Tarot and I am confused about spreads…. I feel like you can go to Pinterest and find millions of spreads. But I also feel like sometimes they get in the way of the actual message of the cards. I can’t keep track of what each position of the spread is, and then the meanings of the cards, and reversals…. It’s just so much. So my question is: what are the spreads you guys use, and how do you determine which to use for each client?

Melissa uses the same spread in her profession because it works. She fills in the gaps between the cards with her intuition.

Hilary uses them in her readings when the clients need them. She doesn’t see 3-card readings as a “spread”.

Jaymi does keep a folder with a canned set of spreads she uses for her clients. None of these are more than five cards. Occasionally, she’ll try something out for herself to learn more about them when she needs to write them for other spreads.

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Well, Lindsey hopefully we’ve given you some good information on spreads, collecting them, and how to use them. May their sacred space containers serve your needs. And you don’t need to memorize any of the spreads in your collection.

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