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September 9, 2022  

Episode 63: WTC Series: Craftsman Formula

September 9, 2022

Welcome to the last formula for our “What to Charge” series, where we show you our consummate competence. That’s right; we’re talking professional-level charging. We’re using craftsman instead of master because, at this level, you do so much more than just read and offer advice. You craft magic with the cards between your hands.

At this level, you can continue to read, but you also reach out through other avenues like teaching and writing. Many professionals turn away from the event reading and general public spaces and want 100% control of their future. Learn to cultivate the leader within and acknowledge the amazingness you are. Learn to leave a tarot legacy.

Homework: Watch StrongBad “Trogdor” for the in-jokes. Keep on learning and developing your skills in both tarot and business. 

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