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May 8, 2020  

Episode 8: An Apple for the Teacher

May 8, 2020

This episode was recorded pre-global pandemic. So the Spring 2020 conferences which have been mentioned in this episode were canceled. Our favorite teachers include:

Rachel Pollack

Mary K Greer

The Boston Tea Room - Detroit - Heatherleigh Navarre

Beth Maiden - Little Red Tarot

Lis - online class on Teachable

Jaymi - buttload of stuff

Hilary - online live stuff/Tarot Intuitive course

Josep Sobrer's book The Poet’s Tarot (The Book of Oracles) Currently out of print 

Theresa Reed - tarot, astrology, podcasts, previously biz mentoring 

Courtney Weber 

Liz Worth

The Tarot School / 

Benebell Wen

Jenna Matlin 

Andrew McGregor (so cute)

Ethony The Readers Academy



North West Tarot Symposium (NWTS)

Readers Studio


StaarCon (January 2021, Florida)