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May 13, 2022  

Episode 55: Temperance Says, Being is an Art

This week we delve into the alchemy of the Temperance card. Hilary nails the meaning, by saying “focus on balancing yourself rather than your entire life.” Heck. Even Crowley’s Thoth Tarot gives Temperance the name of Art. And it’s so true because balance is a verb, not a noun. We stand with Ukraine; we’re thinking of you and we send our love and balance out to you. Find joy in the small moments.

Decks Mentioned:

Hilary - The Luna Sol Tarot by Darren Shill and Mike Medaglia

Jaymi - Cosmobeings by Joanna Nelson; quote from Trish Sullivan

Melissa - Mystic Garbage Tarot by Junkyard Prints Co

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April 22, 2022  

Episode 54: Under the Influence

The cardslingers dive deep by discussing reading/divining under the influence of prescription drugs, and how stress affects readings. We touch on trauma responses and therapy techniques that can help us. We also tackle the myth of near-death and gaining psychic powers; we all have our own powers and they are unique to each one of us. Thank you to the listener who reached out to us to ask us this question and to hear our stories. We love you. We see you.

Don’t let medicine and science scare you from getting the help you get or from reading cards for yourself or others. 

Check out Episode #29 for more information on reading while sick, or drunk. 

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April 8, 2022  

Episode 53: To Spread or Not To Spread

Our episode this week is inspired by listener Lindsey O. who said, “Hi there. I am brand new to Tarot and I am confused about spreads…. I feel like you can go to Pinterest and find millions of spreads. But I also feel like sometimes they get in the way of the actual message of the cards. I can’t keep track of what each position of the spread is, and then the meanings of the cards, and reversals…. It’s just so much. So my question is: what are the spreads you guys use, and how do you determine which to use for each client?

Melissa uses the same spread in her profession because it works. She fills in the gaps between the cards with her intuition.

Hilary uses them in her readings when the clients need them. She doesn’t see 3-card readings as a “spread”.

Jaymi does keep a folder with a canned set of spreads she uses for her clients. None of these are more than five cards. Occasionally, she’ll try something out for herself to learn more about them when she needs to write them for other spreads.

We totally recommend you sign up for both Beth Owl's Daughter and Joanna Powell Colbert’s newsletters. Also, sign up for Hilary and Melissa’s newsletters, too.

Well, Lindsey hopefully we’ve given you some good information on spreads, collecting them, and how to use them. May their sacred space containers serve your needs. And you don’t need to memorize any of the spreads in your collection.

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March 25, 2022  

Episode 52: Death, Touches Us All

The Poe Tarot’s Death card says, “The boundaries which divide life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?”

Death. It touches us all. It’s hard, it’s painful, and we aren’t well versed in dealing with it. While we all agree that death is transformation, we spend time focused on the deeper implications of loss and grief and how it changes us all. Especially with the past two years and all we’ve dealt with. Death does sport the number being 13, so keep in mind that it’s a small comfort to know that we’re about halfway there. It reminds us that there is something coming next in the sequence of majors.

Bottom line: Keep your dreams and goals high. Don’t fear death and roll with the punches.


Melissa: The Mystic Garbage Tarot

Hilary: The Mary El Tarot by Marie White

Jaymi: The Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pu-Mun Law

The Poe Tarot by Trisha Leigh Shufelt

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March 11, 2022  

Episode 51: The Good, The Bad, and Those A$$hole Cards

We address some fun listener questions in today’s episode. Anna F. asks, “What is your favorite minor arcana suit and why? Which do you least relate to?” while someone on Melissa’s Facebook said, "How do you know which cards are the asshole cards?" Strap in and enjoy our thoughts.

Jaymi: My favorite is Wands and the least relatable are Cups.

Hilary: Favorite is Cups and the least relatable are Swords (due to the time she spends in her head).

Melissa: My favorite is Swords and the least relatable are Pentacles. 

We think all the cards, no matter what their standing meanings, can be assholes. It all depends on the question asked and the bias of those sitting in the reading. It’s important to have these questions and discussions and to understand the tools we have at our disposal.

Homework: Do what we did and rank your minors from favorite to least favorite. Doing this exercise every now and then can show you insights to where your life may be. Keep a record of your asshole cards and what situations they show up.

Upcoming News: Melissa wants to let you all know about her new podcast, “Hey, Cynova” where she and Bo pull cards for questions you all send in.

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February 25, 2022  

Episode 50: The Cardslingers Weigh in on Significators

Tarot is a language of symbols and we are found in every card. In this second episode Hilary, Jaymi, and Melissa share their thoughts and stories about significators. Fear of screwing things up and being wrong is what keeps beginners from playing with ideas and owning them as their own methods. Try it and use it if you like it. 

Hilary didn’t use them when starting out. She doesn’t use them now. However, she can and does use cards chosen with intent as the client and reading needs. She will pick a card based on personality traits rather than the image.

Jaymi didn’t start out with it because it’s too much to memorize and remember. She does intentional draws with cards for herself and with clients for homework purposes. But as far as what significators were meant in the past, no she doesn’t use an older system.

Melissa thinks significators are stupid. She learned from Eden Gray, and back then, genderized cards were more important back then. Because of that, she would pull the cards. As she grew in her style and reading practice she grew away from the practice.

We also think significators and how they were used in the past brings up how we can pick apart the tarot so white issues. The world is more diverse than what the cards wanted to display on the cards. 

Thanks again to Chuck K. and Karin S. for giving us something to dive deeper into.

Decks mentioned

Pocket of Peers by Jamie Sawyer

The 90s Tarot by Kristi Prokopiak

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February 11, 2022  

Episode 49: What are Significators?

Historically, significators were pulled to represent the person being read. Usually chosen by their appearance. More modern definitions allow the full deck and can represent the client in reading, or a situation that is drawn randomly or handpicked. In Lenormand, they are used to represent clients and partners and many modern decks include a bigger diversity of images for people. Thanks to Chuck K. and Karin S. for taking us down the significator hole.

There are so many other ways to use them in your readings. You can keep them out for magical intent. You can even use ALL the cards out of the deck to physically focus a reading.

We want to remind everyone that while we say gender is a social construct, it STILL is hella important to one’s identity and it does matter.

Research significators and think about how you’d use them for yourself or for clients.

References mentioned:

Eden Gray’s The Complete Guide to the Tarot

Carrie Paris's “The Relative Tarot” Guidebook has a whole section on how to choose them

Benebell Wen Holistic Tarot (from her website) 

Pocket of Peers Tarot

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January 28, 2022  

Episode 48: Unclench Your Fist and Just Be, The Hanged One

This week Melissa, Hilary, and Jaymi dive back into the series on the Major Arcana with a discussion of The Hanged One (aka The Hanged Man). Yes, we’re renaming it because gender is a social construct–many other decks do this too! 

So, if The World card–the beginning and end of cycles–is a portal; then the Hanged One is the middle pause. They bring self-sacrifice for the greater good. They bring enlightenment and get new perspectives on the situation at hand. It’s time to sit back, relax, and just be in the moment. No matter what.

Decks we mention

Transient Light Tarot (sold out and coming back in June 2022)

The Pacific Northwest Tarot

The Sacred Sisterhood Tarot

The Wild Messenger’s Alchemical Tarot 

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January 7, 2022  

Episode 47: We’re Baaaack

Hey, look, new year, new us! We’re back and feeling spunky. Just a short episode to touch base and let you all know where we’re at and what we’ve been up to. We share what we got from the winter holidays. We also talk a lot about our lifelong addiction to collecting, storing, and displaying stickers. And we give you all some insight into what to expect from us in 2022. We love you, we think you’re worthy, and you’ll always have a seat at our tarot table. Nurture your light!

Decks we mention

Tarot for Kids

“Guide to the Strange and Eternal” Tarot Deck

The Meme Tarot

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December 9, 2021  

Episode 46: Uh-oh! Freezing in a Reading

Picture it, you finish shuffling your cards and turn over three. You start your reading and deliver the first part of the reading. All of a sudden your mind blanks, and nothing comes. Uh-oh! You’ve hit a mid-reading block. Hilary and Jaymi demystify mid-reading blocks and give some suggestions for how you break free from the mental block. Thanks go to L for sending in this fun question.

Recommended Books:

Melissa Cynova’s book Kitchen Table Tarot

Liz Worth’s Going Beyond the Little White Book

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